Solar Powered Wireless CCTV System

designed 24/7 surveillance in remote and off-grid locations.



Our System solutions is tailored-made engineered to the individual needs and accommodate the most simple and sophisticated requirements.


Deliver the innovative solutions and advance HD surveillance in remote and harsh environments which cater in absence of electricity using our fully tested, and high quality design Solar Power CCTV System

Power Energy

Sun heat energy is harvested from the Solar panels and infuse to charge the battery, interface in-between from the charge controller system which generates electricity and be completely self-sustaining power to the load.

Framework Structure

Designed for harsh environment and extreme temperature to -40° to +60°.

Solar Power Panel

The solar cells are encapsulated beneath high transmission tempered glass using an advanced, and UV resistant thermal setting plastic. Anodized Aluminum frame which prevents rust and corrosion. The junction box is protected by silicone from ingress of moisture. Rear surface of the module is completely sealed from moisture and protect against mechanical damage. Construction of the module minimizes weight while providing a durable, protective environment for the solar cells. Operating Temperature -45C to 70C.

Power System Charge Controller

Adopts the latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and advanced tracking algorithm to make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can product the maximum available power. Compared to conventional PWM controller, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency up to 30% and potentially decrease the power of solar array needed. The ability to step-down the higher voltage solar module to recharge a lower voltage battery bank greatly increases system design flexibility. The cable size can be reduced

Solar AGM Battery

Sealed Deep Cycle Lead Acid AGM Battery, is generally use in solar application. 50% discharge with a cycle life expectancy of 500. Economy and reliable.  

HD Realtime Digital Video System

Equipped with a mobile DVR that adopts the advanced technologies of digital A/V encoding/decoding, video wireless network transmission, GPS satellite positioning & uses big capacity of hard disk to record the real time A/V data as future evidence. This system combines wireless network transmission technology to transfer the on-site images plus position information to control center.


CCTV Wireless Communication System

3G/4G Cellular Wireless communication is usually use for terrain base remote areas, which point-to point communication are not recommended. The advantage for 3G/4G Cellular communication, as long as there is a cellular phone coverage its typically work in remote connection.


Wireless Video Point-to-Point transmission is mostly use and provide a complimentary option to fibre links in situations where connections may be slow or hindered, such as in rural networking scenarios. Our point-to-point transmission solutions are built to withstand the toughest environments, providing reliable performance in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.


Features:wireless P2P

  • Support outdoor temperature:-30℃~70℃,industrial design.
  • Wireless coverage recommended range≤3km, max 5km
  • Radio-frequency mouth anti-thunder reaches 15KV ESD
  • Support auto ranging function, real time display straight line distance between client
  • and base station.
  • Support device auto reboot function
  • 5G mode support 4920~6100Mhz
  • Support flow control, effectively control base station/client input/output flow control
  • Support VLAN partition, realize virtual local network function, control broadcast storm
  • Support 802.1x authentication method, effectively guarantee client access control, provide access safety.
  • Support  client  priority  setting,  better  dispatch  each  client  when  the  mode  is point-to-multipoint

Among the 2-types of  wireless communication are not possible in the area, the Satellite Antenna Wireless system is the best option. Satellite Antenna are designed to satellitereceive data transmissions and data broadcasts from communications satellites. They can transmit and receive radio, television and internet signals.